We produce, transform and commercialise pistachio and products with pistachio ecological Green Beat good for your health and you environment

In Green Beat we are farmers and expert of the value of the land and of what this can offer us if we treat it with care and affection. We are scientists who work with latest technologies to produce the highest quality pistachios. We are ecologist because we produce with respect and tradition. We are circular because we trust that a better world can exist and we want to be part of it. Do you up for it?

“Let food be your medicine and your medicine be the food” Hippocrates 460 a.CH.n

We create circular agriculture with ecological certification in Zamora, Spain.

In Green Beat we do things differently, because we think global. We know the consequences of what we do that is why from the first steps we have the highest care in each of the details. In our field we produce one of the most varieties pistachio with unique organoleptic qualities. Each of the care we bring to our products is vital: since they are a simple bud until they become quality trees. We take care of the origin with its cultivation in order to offer one of the highest quality pistachio on the market. At Green Beat we opt for sustainability and quality, which is why we always work hand in hand with the best tools and the latest technological advances.

This information combined with predictions and climatological variables, allows us to give each plant what it needs at the right moment, in each of the seasons of the year, but we don’t give anything, we only use ecological nutritional support for our trees with love and water doses needed.

The reduction of the plastic use is a priority, that’s why our package are 100% biodegradable and compostable. All the energy we use for irrigation, ecological treatments and self-consumption, is generated by solar energy, with zero emissions of greenhouse gases.

Sunlight, in addition to photosynthesis and provide energy to the tree, it serves to close the cycle and in this way complete all your needs in order to obtain quality crops and the best of pistachios. In addition, we minimize the carbon footprint and make it easier for new materials such as PLA, made from corn, to position itself in the market as an alternative to petroleum plastic derived. We also recover and reuse the colfa (external skin of the pistachio fruit) the inner shell as compost and fuel. But we go even further, and currently we are immersed in several R+D+I projects to obtain new products derived from this waste.

We manage de farm with local manpower, supporting the rural environment and we process the product with special employment centres, giving work to person with disabilities.

Green Beat is a brand with hearth, our products are the sum of many ethical and moral values.

In Green Beat you close the circle. We transform the earth in life and you complete the cycle

The bet of the brand for the circular economy is total, and you are the reason and the key to close this circle. This concept has a different approach to that traditionally has the linear economy. The model with we live today is based on extracting, transforming, consuming and throw. The linear economy obtains is growth from the exploitation of finite resources. On the other hand the circular concept doesn´t deny this economy growth, but dissociates it from those matters that haven´t benefit on the land or in the ecosystem, like can be hydrocarbons (oil, gas, etc.) basic metals (iron, nickel, copper, etc.) or others metals.

The circular economy proposes to recover 100% of these resources and go much further. Design this machine so that they can be repaired and generate more logical consumption models and adapted to the current lifestyle, and all in a way that respects the environment: the only option we have to live. In Green Beat we have taken this very seriously and for this reason, each of the phases of the ecological pistachio production apply the “R” of the circular economy: Reduce, Reuse, Recover and of course always Recycle.

In purchasing pistachios and ecological products of Green Beat you get a double benefit. The first comes from the consumption of the fruit and is antioxidant, remineralizing and very nutritious qualities. The second, you collaborate with the project so that we can continue to produce in a sustainable manner, transforming our products into special employment centres where people with disabilities or social exclusion risk collaboration.

Help us to make the circular economy a reality for the benefit of all. Learn how Green Beat live through our Blog or Social Networks.

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