Ecological production in a protected natural environment for nature, birds, water and plants. A unique ecosystem.

The Doña Amor farm, with an area 27 hectares, is located in Bóveda de Toro, Toro area (Zamora), in the Guareña region and very close to the Duero River. Our lands are within a natural protected by the network Natura 2000 zone ZEPA, also called “Las Llanuras del Guareña” for hosting important populations of steppe birds such as bustard, the little harrier and the little common eagle.

Doña Amor has the excellent condition for the weather condition for the cultivation of ecological pistachio due is continental location. Pistachio trees require hot, dry summers, as well as harsh winter. And in the flowering time, the wind blows strongly so that all the trees are pollinated. Precisely the Toro area, to meet all these conditions, makes all the Green Beat fruit pistachio are excellent quality.

Finca Doña Amor is a unique ecosystem where flora and fauna inhabit and live in perfect harmony.

We elaborate our products with the highest quality raw materials in a traditional way with the help of special centres of employment and labour insertion.

In Green Beat we are producers, and therefore we control each one of the transformation phases of the ecological pistachio, which allows us to accurately track the quality of the product throughout its life cycle. Track traceability is essential to offer a quality pistachio that it retains all its flavour and its organoleptic properties. The opportunity that provides us with the best ecological pistachio could not be missed, that´s why we are innovative in introducing transformation processes and offering new options for this healthy delicacy.

We prepare with traditional recipes, simple and handmade, each of the products Green Beat, like chocolate with pistachios or snacks derived from it, and they are prepared with raw materials of the highest quality, always seeking to offer an innovative and traditional product simultaneously.

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Circular economy, innovation and transformation respectful with the environment, the best way to preserve the properties of the product in the most efficient way.

We combine the use of new technologies with respect and care for the environment.

Obtaining a quality dried fruit such as our ecological Green Beat pistachios requires a great knowledge in the cultivation. New technologies provide the necessary tools to obtain the best result using the least amount of resources. To obtain a “premium” pistachio it´s necessary to control the exact amount of water, nutrients and environmental conditions of our trees, that is why from the beginning of our activity we have opted for the introduction of new technologies, including a pilot project at European level or irrigation and fertigation with a system with artificial intelligence moved one hundred percent with solar energy.

ECOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE. Is important that our consumers know what we don´t use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or chemical treatments on our farm. This allowed us to always comply with the greatest of our premises: caring for nature and cultivating with respectful techniques with the environment.

The Finca Pago Doña Amor is pioneer combining technology with a 100% organic production.

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